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Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

  • You don’t understand why problems keep occurring with your employees
  • HR matters are costing you time & money
  • Your employees are not performing to the level you need and it has to improve
  • You’ve tried to fix a problem but it’s still happening
  • An issue with one employee is starting to affect the rest of your team
  • Employing staff just feels too hard
  • There is so much information, it’s hard to understand what’s relevant for your business
  • You don’t know where to begin
  • You want assurance you are doing it right
  • When hiring, you struggle to find someone you trust will help build your vision
  • You don’t understand what’s stopping your business from moving forward
  • It feels like HR matters are taking up all your time, you want to get back to growing your business
  • You don’t like HR and wish there was someone you could hand it all to

You don’t have to go it alone. You deserve to have expert support when you need it.

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HR is complex

We understand that employing people is complex. HR can be a difficult, time-consuming task. There’s a lot to understand, but we can help you stay on top of what’s relevant for you.

We know managing a team of people isn’t easy. Maintaining a healthy relationship amongst your team requires your attention and we are here to reduce the overwhelm.

We understand the frustration and onflow affects that can come from troublesome employees, but we see the path to get through it and are ready to help you.

It might not come naturally to you, but that’s okay because it does to us. We’ve been in your position before and we know how to find solutions to complex problems.

An engaged, high-performing team is crucial to the growth of your business and we want to see your business succeed!

The humans in your business really are your biggest resource.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you so much, Susan,  for facilitating LEAD’s Strategic Planning sessions. Your expertise, energy and enthusiasm were instrumental in obtaining effective participation by all present.

CEO, LEAD Professional Development Association

Angela is fantastic. She helped me in my small business with some HR needs and questions. She was thorough and went above and beyond what I had thought I needed. Amazing. Highly recommend.

Andrea Turner-Boys – Founder

Very professional, highly skilled and very customer focused. They have always delivered great service and great outcomes for us. Angela goes above and beyond to meet our needs in a timely and responsive manner. We see her as a real asset to our organisation and highly value the relationship we have developed.

Executive Officer

I really appreciate your great work and the support you've given me and our organisation.

Jhan Leach – Executive Officer

How we work

1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a free 15-minute call where we can learn more about your business & the challenges you are currently facing. Together we’ll discuss your business, your needs and how we can help. We will then create a proposal outlining our work and timeframes.

2. A Plan is Created

A customised plan is created with advice specific to your business. We will provide you with recommendations and options available to you. Feel sure about the logical steps you need to move forward.

3. Implement the Plan

Our dedicated HR consultant will coach you through implementing proven methods that will work for your business. Feel relieved to have a trusted advisor available for answer your questions as they arise.

4. Grow Your Business

Save time and money by preventing problems before they happen. Your staff are performing well, and you can return to growing your business.

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wasting precious
time and money

Don’t risk compliance
mistakes making your
business liable for costly
legal claims.

It’s time to feel excited about what you and your team will achieve

Forget about the feelings of frustration, being overwhelmed and feeling like you have reached your limits.

Become a well-equipped visionary leader who has stepped up a level in your business. Feel well-equipped, calmer and more assured in yourself and your team.

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