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24,000,000 on our island

On Monday night, Australia’s population reached the milestone of 24 million people. That’s double the population when I was ten years old.

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As I sit on a crowded train, I wonder what will change in the next 48 years. Here are my simple predictions:

  • More people will use public transport
  • They will be going home to smaller dwellings
  • Work will take on new dimensions and definitions
  • They’ll be coming home from jobs we haven’t thought of yet or maybe not commuting at all
  • They will live longer but probably won’t get to enjoy the lifestyle we take for granted
  • Shared spaces will have more significance
  • Green space will become more precious
  • Private spaces will be in demand

Your turn!

  1. What would you add to this list?
  2. How do you think we can prepare our children and grandchildren for when there are 50 million people on this island?
  3. What do you hope for them?
  4. What are you doing to help build a better future?

I look forward to reading your comments!

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Susan is Senior Consultant and Coach at Aster HR. She also co-hosts the Work Wonders podcast with Angela Gauci. With over 20 years experience in consulting and coaching, Susan provides clarity and insights for our clients based on past experience and the latest research.

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