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3 ways to help your business survive Coronavirus

During this challenging time for business owners it helps to think of your company as an ecosystem. In geographical terms an ecosystem is made up of plants, animals and weather all working together. Like a gum tree on the bank of the Nepean river, your business people and processes respond to the ever-changing environment. Every ecosystem adapts to challenges or disappears. Your organisation is no different. 

Here are three ways you can make sure your business weathers the Coronavirus storm.  

1. Prevent

A healthy ecosystem is resilient and sustainable. In a crisis, vulnerabilities are revealed. A healthy ecosystem will adapt, but it’s up to you to keep your business healthy by understanding what could lead to its decline or collapse. Once youve realised the areas of weakness, you can iron out the kinks and make your business stronger for the future. 

2. Prepare

In a healthy ecosystem, everything is there for a reason. Know your organisation’s values and purpose. Why do they exist and who do they serve? These values should lead every step in your plan of action.

Next, decide what people, processes, technology and finances you need to see you through the current crisis. Make the changes you need to make, ensuring everyone knows their part in the plan.

As we adjust to the current reality, it reminds us that we all rely on one another. In every interaction, in our businesses and beyond, now is the time to be more present, vulnerable and authentic.

3. Predict

You’ve prevented the worst. You’ve got the tools at hand to prepare you for what comes next. Now you’re in a position to predict how your business will come out of this. All your analysis and planning have made you think more about the long-term goals for your business. You know that every challenge your business has faced is a lesson learned that will help you make better educated decisions for the future. 

Remember, your customers and employees are the beating heart of your business. They are the living parts of your own little ecosystem, the most dynamic and adaptable to change. Now is the right time to sort out what needs to be done and what you expect from your business, staff and customers. Write down your plan. Make it available. Refer to it often. Update it when needed. Hold yourself and your team accountable. 

You can’t control the future, but your ecosystem will be ready to adapt, survive and thrive. 

As published in Nepean News & Western News:

Feature image by David Clode on Unsplash

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