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Beat burnout with better balance

Burnout is easy to spot – unless you’re the one in the middle of the experience.

Could this be you?

If you are good at your job and work hard, you will, hopefully, be recognised and promoted.

Then, at some point, your career comes to a grinding halt even though you’re more technically competent and working harder than ever before.

Unfortunately, this pattern is familiar for many young professionals. If you’ve assumed you need to do more of the same to get ahead, you may have made a dangerous mistake.

How does this mindset lead to burnout?

1. You take on more and more work to prove that you can handle it

The balanced alternative: Take on more and more responsibility but make sure you have others around you sharing the load.

2. You neglect the obvious because you’re stressed

The balanced alternative: Take the time to really listen and observe what’s happening around you, so you’re across what is really going on.

3. You lose the connection because you think you don’t have time

The balanced alternative: Learn about your team and take an interest in them as people. If they know you care about them, they’ll be more inclined to help you when you need it.

How do you get back into balance?

If you keep going this way, there is no way out.

As you work longer hours to get more done, all your energy is focussed on doing the operational and there’s none left for being strategic. On top of that, there’s no time or space allowed for reflection and growth.

With no time to reflect, you’ll stay stuck in your hard-working comfort zone.

That doesn’t sound (or feel) like a comfort zone, but it is! You are doing more of what you know instead of risking doing something different.

To get off this burnout cycle, you need to move out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready to take a risk and try a different way?

Your career trajectory can and will change – so do it before burnout hits you!

We’re here to help you find more balance. Give us a call to find out how today.

About Susan Rochester

Susan is Senior Consultant and Coach at Aster HR. She also co-hosts the Work Wonders podcast with Angela Gauci. With over 20 years experience in consulting and coaching, Susan provides clarity and insights for our clients based on past experience and the latest research.

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