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Coaching – learning to look inward

Coaching became my passion when I experienced its impact on my own career. I’ve also been fortunate to see the changes it brought to others’ lives.  

One thing I’ve found is that even though the role of a coach is well discussed, there are numerous interpretations. What you expect will depend on the context, and your own philosophy, experiences, and views.

What I know is essential for effective coaching is the belief that a coachee has the capacity to find their own solutions. It is less effective to approach coaching expecting to be given advice or ‘the solutions’. 

If the process is to bring about change and really make a difference in your life and career, it will be a meaning-making activity. Your coach can encourage this by creating a safe space for self-exploration through the development of trust, value, and tension.

With that in mind, if you were to start a program with a desire to be given all ‘the answers’ you would find the process rather challenging.

So what’s the alternative?

Instead of being given the answers, you will need to look inwards and generate your own insights and options through the use of questions and guidance from your coach.  This process is best described by the GROW model.

This dialogue creates a safe environment for personal reflection and exploration, which in turn creates new insights and options fo ryou to consider.

This HBR article, are you ready to be coached, gives a potential coachee an excellent sense of what to expect in coaching. I regularly share this article as prereading to set the scene and dispel some of the myths around coaching. 

With this mindset as a headstart, you are now ready to make the most of your investment in coaching. Now you’re set up to succeed!

Questions to consider before starting your coaching program

Are you

  • willing to take ownership?
  • interested in propelling yourself forward?
  • able to question your own assumptions?
  • ready to be challenged in a constructive way?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then let’s have a chat!

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