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COVID-19 information for employers (NSW)

In this post, we’ve curated links to the latest government COVID-19 information for employers to help you manage your employees as restrictions ease.

To make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, we’ve arranged the links under questions we are hearing people ask.

This information changes rapidly, so always check when the page you are viewing was last updated. Balance at Work is providing this list as a service to our community and we are not responsible for the content or currency of the linked pages or any missing information.

If you have another question – or a link you think should be added here – please let us know!

What happens at 70%?

Reopening starts at 70% full vaccination –

What happens at 80%?

Easing restrictions at 80% full vaccination –

What is happening on 1 December 2021?

Opening up NSW in December 2021 –

Can I read the public health order that applies from 11 October 2021?

Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021 (PDF) –

What do I need to do about a COVID-19 Safety Plan for my business?

COVID safety plans – 

What will happen if we don’t have COVID-19 Safety Plan?

Penalties for breaching public health orders –

What pay, leave and flexibility options are available?

Pay, leave and stand-downs –

What are flexible work arrangements?

Flexibility in the workplace –

Flexible workplace arrangements guide –

Is there information available that is specific to my industry?

COVID-19 information for workplaces –

What do I need to know about COVID-19 vaccinations in my business?

COVID-19 vaccinations and your business (PDF) –

COVID-19 vaccinations: workplace rights and obligations –

Vaccination compliance and obligations for business (PDF) –

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations: Understanding your privacy obligations to your staff –

Communicating about vaccines –

COVID-19 vaccinations and federal discrimination law –

What are the vaccination requirements for my staff?

Vaccination requirements for workers –

Where can I find information on vaccination bookings?

Where and how to get your COVID-19 vaccination –

Are there resources available to help us promote vaccinations to our staff?

COVID-19 vaccination business kit –

Do we need to make any changes regarding workplace health and safety (WHS)?

Small business planning tool – COVID-19 –

What mental health resources are available?

Mental health and wellbeing support for business –

Can employees work from home?

Alternative work arrangements –

Going to work during coronavirus –

What do we do if there’s a case linked to our workplace?

Contact tracing and isolations rules for business (PDF) –

Guidance for businesses with linked COVID-19 cases –

Quarantine and self-isolation: pay and leave options –

When workplaces shut quickly because of a lockdown –

Where can I find mental health and wellbeing resources?

Small business mental health resources (curated links) –

Are there prepared signs I can use in my business?

Posters and signage –

Where can I find the latest news about COVID-19 restrictions in NSW?

COVID-19 news and media –

How can I check what restrictions apply in other states?

COVID-19 restriction checker –

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