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Cut your recruitment costs in Half

Have you ever used a recruitment agency before to help you find a candidate for a vacant role in your business?

As an alternative, an outsourced HR consultant offers you a flexible and affordable solution for not just your recruitment needs but all HR functions in your business.

When recruiting, you get the benefit of years of expertise in sourcing talent but also all that comes with managing that new employee long after their first day.

Perfect for occasions where you don’t have an in-house HR team or can’t afford the time out of your own job to do it all yourself.

A consultant will partner with your business and want to see a successful hire not for their own statistics, but for the long-term success of your business.

Traditional Agency Fees

Most recruitment agencies will charge you a percentage (usually anywhere from 15%-30%) of your new employee’s salary package. That’s not just what your employee gets in their bank account, it includes tax, allowances and even Superannuation!

And that’s calculated on the Full-Time equivalent of that package which means even if your employee will work Part-Time hours, you pay the fee as if they were a Full-Time employee.

Also, you pay person, not per job. So, for example, if you are recruiting the exact same job, but just need 2 people instead of 1, you pay double the fee!

You can begin to see how these commission structures can be a significant amount of money to pay, right when you are going to take on another big expense – an employee to pay!

When you compare the costs of hiring a traditional recruitment agency versus hiring a HR consultant, you start to see real savings as you traditionally pay for their time rather than a commission based structure.

Aster HR is not a recruitment agency

We are an outsourced HR consultant and proud to be different to traditional recruitment agencies! We get paid for the work we do for our clients, not just royalties of being the one who introduced you to your new employee(s).

We began our business on a “pay-by-the-hour” model, where we could either help with a few key things or take the whole process off your hands, and you simply pay us for our time.

Over the years we’ve listened closely to what our clients need, and trends appeared. Our pricing model follows the same principles today, we have simply built it into easy to understand packages – based years of data. Because our package fees are based on our time, the prices don’t increase based on the salary of your new employee, but on what you require us to do (our time).

Even our highest level recruitment services package is less than all the examples mentioned above.

This business owner cut her recruitment costs in HALF

One of our clients recently enjoyed cutting her recruitment costs in HALF having previously spent over $20,000 to use a recruitment agency. By using one of our packages, she got:

  • No need to worry about what to say or where to advertise the job – we custom wrote an advertisement that represented her brand well and formulated where to advertise based on what candidate she was looking for
  • She didn’t have to answer a single email or phone call from candidates with questions about the job or how to apply

  • All candidates were carefully screened not just against what skills she needed but also aligned with the values important to her business and for the role

  • A short list of only the strongest candidates was sent for her to choose from

  • Interviews scheduled and questions written – all she needed to do was show up

  • Reference checks reports sent to her promptly after interview to solidify her choice as well as other checks she needed

  • We negotiated the details of the offer on her behalf and put it all in writing so she could focus on preparing for the new employee’s first day

  • All candidates were treated respectfully and communicated with in a timely way

  • Her business was presented well as a result because of the professional recruitment process

  • In the end – a great new employee who is thriving!

And…all that for HALF what she had paid before!

Hiring the right staff is important, especially in small business. The cost of the wrong hire can be really expensive – up to 2/3 of the annual salary of your employee!

You don’t need to do it yourself. There is affordable help available. Using an outsourced HR consultant like Aster HR means a partner not only to coach you through the recruitment process but the entire lifecycle of employment. Also saving you time and money!

If you are recruiting now or thinking of recruiting soon, please get in touch.

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