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HR Trends for 2024

1. Trust is Key

2023 saw many businesses shift back to the office or establish arrangements for hybrid work (e.g. 3 days in the office and 2 days work-from-home was a popular choice). We also had a lot of economic change, which saw the need for cost-cutting. In some cases, jobs were lost, and in times of difficulty, it can be an instinct to bunker down and wait out the storm, but your employees will notice the silence and feel very unsure.

Let 2024 be your year to build trust with your team. Remember, your team will notice what you don’t talk about as much as what you do. Be as open as you can about decisions made and find opportunities to give your employees a chance to participate or give feedback. Employees who feel confident in leadership are more engaged in the workplace and will perform better.

For more inspiration around trust, check out this episode on our podcast

2. The role of a Manager is changing…

The role of a manager has evolved greatly over such a short time. If you think back over just the past 3-4 years, managers have had to transform to lead remote teams, navigate things we never have before, like a pandemic and adapt swiftly to changes upon changes (like all those legislation changes last year).

(Pat yourself on the back, you got through that with no instruction manual!)

People who were new managers brought in during that time would have done so with little preparation because a lot of it couldn’t have been anticipated. So 2024 is the time to invest in new managers to help them develop their leadership skills. They play a crucial role in creating an environment where employees can thrive, innovate and contribute effectively to the success of your business.

If you’re looking for a coach to support your emerging leaders, get in touch.

3. What are you using the office for?

For most workplaces, working from home may have begun out of necessity to remain in business during COVID lockdowns. But the trend that’s come from that is that employees enjoy flexible working conditions, and it’s clear that’s not going anywhere.

Recent research by Culture Amp showed:

  • 47% of people view hybrid working as non-negotiable and would seek employment elsewhere if it wasn’t offered
  • 8 of out 10 millennials reject the traditional office space
  • 45% of Gen Xers and 36% of Baby Boomers question the wisdom of returning to the office
  • 2 times as many under 35yo want permanent flexible working compared to over 55’s

So enticing employees back to the office needs to be purposeful and strategic. Listen to our podcast episode, where we talked more about this idea. Unfortunately, flexibility will not be a one-size-fits-all solution for your team. Be open to what options you are comfortable offering to attract and retain great team members.

4. More changes on the way

Some of the changes last year required a small change, but some were much larger, and you are probably still learning how that works for you and your team (like paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave, Psychosocial Safety and preventing a hostile work environment). Some, like Respect at Work specifically, were given a grace period to understand and prepare for the changes, so we are now seeing employers’ ability to be held liable for non-compliance.

I wish we could say we all get a rest this year from all the legislation changes (if you’re still getting on top of this, here’s our free PDF), but there is more on the horizon with the Closing Loopholes Bill. We will share more information as these changes are phased in throughout 2024, but for now, here’s a handy PDF.

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