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Coaching to grow your leadership skills

Individually tailored insights and accountability for developing effective leaders.

How will you lead your workplace into the future?

You probably didn’t go into business to manage a team of staff. You began because you had a great idea, product, passion or specific skill. You may have learnt a lot along the way about running a business like finance or marketing but as you employ staff, the task of leadership is added to your own job description. And that seems daunting to you.

  • Are you in middle management looking to find the next step up?
  • Are you a CEO looking to tackle the next big deal?
  • Perhaps you are a business owner wanting to develop the tools to become a better leader
  • Do you have an emerging leader in your team you want to invest in to be the next great leader in your team?

When you’re ready to take on the challenge of growing your leadership, our qualified coaches are here to help you and your team develop new skills to become a better leader and advance toward your goals, no matter where you are in your leadership journey.

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Real coaching qualifications and experience

Self-aware, self-confident leaders are in demand in today’s society. We have been designing development programs since 2006. We’ll have you standing out from the crowd in no time.

We’ve worked with leaders at every level and learned a lot over the years. How can we help you to lead and grow?



Meaningful leadership data

Between them, our coaches are accredited to use at least six different psychometric surveys and other tools with leaders and their teams. We have been proud users of the latest research and advanced technology from Harrison Assessments since 2008.

We know how to generate genuine insights for your staff, so they can discover how to develop leadership skills with practical actions that anyone can use to improve.



Caring for your leadership success

If you are not quite sure what you need most right now in coaching, our coaches will challenge you, with care and understanding, to find your own answers. Our goal is to help you develop new perspectives, discover new opportunities, and give you the tools needed to transform your life.

We give you guidance and personal development work to achieve your goals. Then we hold you accountable until you get there.



There when you need us

We provide a new way to support your leadership development. Our team of experts will help you through your tough times.

From long-term, full-service leadership coaching to bite-sized workshops, we’re always available to help you and your team to work on what matters most.


What Our Customers Say

Coaching with Ben gave me a great opportunity to reflect and explore strategies, tips and tools to improve ways of working and to work through opportunities & challenges. I really valued the focused discussion on specific areas to support my growth and development. I highly recommend working with Ben.

Manager, National NFP

In a challenging role in a new organisation, coaching with Paula was the ideal time to reflect, problem-solve, brainstorm options and arm me with next steps in all areas – from staffing, internal politics and relationships to tackling key initiatives. The sessions were by video and face-to-face, both equally effective. Using video allowed for easy integration of sessions into my busy workdays without any hassle. Paula’s style of coaching quickly built trust so I felt safe being vulnerable, quickly getting to the heart of a number of issues and propelling me and my performance forward significantly.

Executive GM, People & Culture

Our coaching programs are on demand and customised to suit your goals.

Your designated coach will help you identify the areas you wish to work on, such as:

  • Optimising your leadership style and capability
  • Developing your emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Enhancing your business acumen, strategic approach and problem-solving ability
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to achieving your full potential
  • Productively setting and achieving goals

Your coach will support you and hold you accountable so you can:

  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Achieve your goals for the program
  • Know and build on your strengths while you work on any areas for improvement

Coaching program includes…

  • Meeting with your designated coaches of up to 1-hour in duration per session
  • A custom coaching plan with measurable outcomes and steps you can take to achieve your goals
  • Relevant, constructive psychometric assessment and debrief to create awareness, understanding and support your development
  • Your coach will provide immediate guidance during the session that you can action straight away
  • Relevant reading and study suggestions and materials

3 sessions

  • 3 x 1 hour sessions
  • Use anytime within 6 months from purchase


6 sessions

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions
  • Use anytime within 9 months from purchase


The role
of a leader is not to
come up with all the great ideas,
the role of a leader is to create
an environment in which
great ideas can happen.

Simon Sinek

Ineffective leadership can lead to staff turnover, grievances, poor performance and limit the success of your business.

Leadership is a skill that can be improved, invest in improving these vital skills.

How we work


1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a free 15-minute call where we can learn more about you & the challenges you are currently facing. Together we’ll discuss your goals, your needs and how we can help. We will then create a proposal outlining our work and timeframes.



2. A plan is created

We will design a unique coaching program to enable you to meet your objectives. Feel relieved to have access to support and guidance to become a better leader.



3. We walk alongside you

Your dedicated coach will set goals and milestones with you and then support & hold you accountable so you can achieve them. Gain clarity & confidence in your skills as a leader. Know and build on your strengths. Be the leader that drives your team forward.


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It’s time to develop the leader within you and grow effective leaders around you.

Forget the feelings of frustration, being overwhelmed and unsure.

  • Awaken the potential and harness the strengths of your leaders with individual development.
  • Grow confidence in guiding your team towards their individual performance and professional goals.
  • Support your leaders and emerging leaders as they develop the skills they need to achieve your strategic goals
  • Feel equipped with the communication skills you need to build productive relationships with your colleagues and clients
  • Gain clarity to think strategically, be aware, simplify and solve complex problems with curiosity and confidence
  • Drive your business success forward

Leadership coaching to help you reach your goals.




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