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Paid Domestic & Family Violence Leave Webinar

New legislation around paid Domestic & Family Violence Leave is here.

This new legislation will not only double the number of days an employee is entitled to, but it will be paid leave.

If you employ staff in your business, it will be important to understand these changes and how to manage this new entitlement.

We hosted a webinar in November 2022 to explain the changes and also hear from 2 expert panellists to give their advice on strategies to handle these leave requests sensitively and also some examples from what’s worked well in organisations that have been offering this to staff for a while.

You’re questions will be answered like:

  • Whats the first things I should do if an employee asks me to take this kind of leave?

  • How can I create a workplace that my employees feel safe enough in to take this type of leave?

  • What other support can I offer my employee?