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The Great Resignation

Have you heard of it? America captioned the phrase to describe the 33 million Americans resigning from their jobs in 2021 as the workforce experienced a collective burnout as a result of the pandemic. The UK have also had a similar experience.
Well there are many different opinions if Australia is likely to have the same phenomenon. There is talk that resignations are likely to surge throughout this year.
For many individuals, with the risk of a deadly virus on our doorstep, this forced us into a time of reflection of what was important in our lives and appreciation for a less busy life and more time with our families.
“People are recalibrating what’s important to them, and placing less priority on their work in relation to other things that are important in their life, such as their family, their geographical location, their avocations, and the part of the country or the world that they want to live in.” said Robin Boomer, Director of Advisory at Gartner, when asked by HRM Online for his analysis on the current data.
For some people this has meant a change in location of work (or moving house all together!), career change all together, deciding to work part-time or even trying their hand at owning a business themselves.
The ELMO Employee Sentiment Index, found that more than two in five (43%) Australian employees plan to actively search for a new job in 2022, while nearly a fifth (19%) plan to quit without another job lined up.
The findings come as a warning for employers that ‘The Great Resignation’ has arrived on Australian shores.
It offers an opportunity for employers to keep their finger on the pulse – communicate with employees often, honestly and seek feedback and improve their recruitment processes should they need to recruit a replacement.
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