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Using probation to your advantage

In the latest episode of the Work Wonders podcast, Angela and Susan dive into the crucial topic of probation periods in the workplace. They discuss why this period is essential, how it doesn’t sit in legislation, and the differences between probation and the qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims. The conversation covers the ideal length for a probation period, its benefits for employers and employees, and practical advice on managing it effectively to ensure both parties thrive. Listen here

Probation key points

  • The probation period’s definition and legal background.
  • How long should a probation period be, and what flexibility do employers have in setting its duration?
  • The advantages of utilizing this time for performance management and recruitment confirmation.
  • Strategies for managing the performance of new employees effectively, including setting clear expectations and regular check-ins.
  • The importance of a structured onboarding process.
  • Handling the end of the probation period, whether leading to employment continuation or termination.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:20 Legal aspects of probation
  • 10:45 Determining the length
  • 15:30 Benefits of using a probationary period
  • 20:55 Managing this period effectively
  • 26:10 Concluding the probation period


Probation episode summary

Episode 6 in Season 4 of the Work Wonders podcast provides valuable insights for employers and HR professionals on leveraging probationary periods to enhance recruitment outcomes and employee performance management. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their use of probationary periods and consider adjustments to optimize their approach.

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About Susan Rochester

Susan is Senior Consultant and Coach at Aster HR. She also co-hosts the Work Wonders podcast with Angela Gauci. With over 20 years experience in consulting and coaching, Susan provides clarity and insights for our clients based on past experience and the latest research.

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