Achieve business success through growing a high-performing team

Welcome to Aster HR

Aster HR was founded in 2015 out of a strong desire to be part of building engaged and successful workplaces.

Small to medium businesses don’t usually have a HR team in house, so HR tends to fall to the business owner or manager. We understand it’s like to be a business owner, doing everything yourself, but you don’t need to go it alone.

We know that as a visionary business owner you want to grow your business. In order to do that, you need to have a high-performing team. However, frustrating problems with staff can get in your way, preventing you from moving forward, but we see the path to get through it.

At Aster HR, what we love about our job is sharing that with you and walking beside you as you get to the other side. You deserve a team that works together in unity that elevates your business.

With a combined experience of over 90 years, our highly experienced and friendly team can empower you with the HR tools, advice and strategies you need to grow your business.

We are your HR partner.

Our values

It’s no coincidence that our logo includes an Aster flower. When choosing a business name, it had to be something that symbolised our values and if you do a little research (like we did) you will find the values that the Aster flower symbolises aligns with our own.



As your trusted advisor, you can rely on us to do what we say we will do. Our advice will always be grounded in legislation and best practice and we respect the need for confidentiality. We provide a safe place to reduce the overwhelm and bring calm to your situation.




We seek out opportunities to keep improving and expanding our expertise, keeping up to date with the most current information, to provide you a better service. We see the whole picture to employing someone and can translate the impacts of decisions along the way to you.




We will walk beside you, with the patience to listen and understand your whole story. We won’t take over, we will collaborate with you and share our knowledge so you can grow in your own journey as a leader. We want to see you and your business succeed.




We don’t apologise for loving our job. We tenaciously advocate for HR management in any business because we see the benefits. We are courageous enough to tell you what you need to know but are always kind and fair in our approach.




All individuals deserve equal opportunity and fairness in not just the workplace but our communities. We champion our local communities, support not-for-profit/community organisations initiatives and make information and support accessible for all businesses at all levels.


Meet the team

Angela Gauci

Principal Consultant

  • B Bus (HRM)
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • Cert IV Accounting
  • Return to Work Coordination certified
  • Registered BAS Agent
  • Certified Professional member of AHRI
  • Harrison Assessment (Employee Development) Accredited

Susan Rochester

Senior Consultant and Coach

  • Masters (HRM)
  • Certified Professional member of AHRI
  • Fellow member of IML ANZ
  • Harrison Assessment (Employee Development) Accredited

Ben Robinson

Executive Coach and Consultant

  • Grad Cert (Organisational Coaching & Leadership)
  • MBus (HRM)
  • Certified Organisational Coach with IECL
  • LSI/GSI Accreditation Practitioner

Paula Ford

Executive Coach and Consultant

  • Post Grad (Organisational Leadership & Coaching, Organizational Leadership)
  • Post Grad Mgmt Psychology (HRD)
  • Certified Organisational Coach with IECL
  • Certified Prosci Change Practitioner
  • Harrison Assessment (Employee Development) Accredited

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